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Scheduling for Current Year
Course Maintenance (Current Year)  
Course Section Maintenance (Current Year)  
Student Course Selections (Current Year)  
Cross Enrollment  
Scheduling for Next Year
Phase 1: Planning - Schedule Planning Guide  
Phase 1: MTB Planning Workbook  
Phase 2: Pre-Scheduling  
Identifying Student Catchments  
Phase 3: Keying Course Requests  
Individual Course Plans to Requests (Mass)  
Producing the Course Tally Report  
Phase 3/4: HS MTB  
Phase 4: ES Scheduling Building  
Phase 4: Centers - MTB Copy Schedule Building  
ES Class Transfer  
Refreshing in MTB  
MTB Reports  
MS Wheel Scheduling  
Scheduling A/B Connections and Modified A/B Connections Blocks  
Scheduling SLC's and 9th Grade Academics  
Phase 5: Generic Teachers  
Phase 5: Remove Teacher Name  
Phase 5: Student Timetable Locator List  
Phase 5: School Details Tumble Patterns and Creating Attendance Tumble Calendar  
Phase 5: Mass Registration  
Phase 5: Verify Homerooms  
Phase 5: Period Start and End Times  
Phase 5: Adding a Substitute Teacher to an Existing Course  
Phase 5: Generating a Class List Report  
Phase 5: Adding Schedule Records to Megahost  
Phase 5: Mass Assign Homeroom By Period  


Daily Attendance  
Period Attendance  
Generating an AYP Attendance Sub Grouping Report  
Generating/Printing/Maintaining 6 Day Attendance Letters  
Percentage Report by Teacher - Daily  
Percentage Report by Teacher - Period  
Generating an Attendance Absenteeism by Criteria Report  
Perfect Attendance  
Five or More Days Absent  
Ten Consecutive Days Absent  
Generating a Student YTD Summary Attendance Report  
Generating a Student Detail Daily Absent Report  
Generating the Student Mobility Report  



Suspensions Notes Discipline Report  
Generating Reports using the Actions Discipline Count Extract  
Generating Reports using the Infraction Discipline Count Extract  
Generating Reports using the ODR Discipline Extract  
Generating Reports using the Student Discipline Count Extract  
Generating Reports using the Time of Day Discipline Count Extract  
Generating Reports using the Location Discipline Count Extract  
Generating Reports using the Employee Discipline Count Extract  
Generating the Special Ed OSS/ISS Number of Days Suspension Report  


Admitting Students  
Admitting Students with Missing/Invalid Addresses  
Withdrawing Students  
Generating a Withdrawal Form  
Enrolled Not Registered  
Health Screenings  
Assigning Homerooms  
Homeless Program Video
Copying Homerooms and Homeroom Student Assignments from 1st to 2nd Semester  
Pre-admitting Students for the Next School Year  
Generating an Invalid Property Address Report  
SIS Affidavit Extract  

Grade Reporting/Counseling:

Flagging Non-Graduates in Pre-Transition List  
Generating a Transcript (Mass)  
Generating a Transcript (Single Student)  
Graduating a Student (Mid-Year)  
Graduating Seniors at End of Year  
Graduation Students on a Transition or SE Diploma  
Generating a Transcript for ES or MS  
Enter PSO Grades  
HS Credit Recovery Summer School Report Card  
Generating Progress Reports/Report Cards (Single)  
Generating Progress Reports/Report Cards (Mass)  
Student Needing EOCT  
Student Missing Marks Report  
Teacher Not Posted Grades  
GPA Listing with ITBS
Generating and Printing List of Students Needing EOCT Current Semester  
Generating an AS400 Old Transcript  
Printing Mailing Labels  
Mark Entry through Student Course Selection Detail  


ePortal Management:

Registrar ePortal Registration  
Manage Students in ePortal  


Year End Transition (YET):

Pre-transition Update  
Retained Listing from Pre-transition  
Saving Printed Schedules as PDF  
Schedule Delete  


General Reporting:

Accesing eSIS Reports  
Creating Ad Hoc Reports  
Creating Exports  


State Reporting:

Spec Ed Students not Taking any Spec Ed Classes Report  
Non Spec Ed Students Taking any Spec Ed Classes Report  
ESOL Students not Taking any ESOL Classes Report  
Non ESOL Students Taking ESOL Classes Report  
Gifted Students not Taking any Gifted Classes Report  
Non Gifted Students Taking Gifted Classes Report  
Ad hoc Reporting - Ministry Number (GTID)  
Assigning Paraprofessionals  



SIS Textbooks Teacher Functions  
SIS Textbooks Admin Functions  
Generating the 12th Graders Lost History Report  


Further Assistance:

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Setting up eSIS for Home Use  

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