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Teachers shape our lives in profound ways. They change the way we think, encourage us to reach higher, and help us to succeed. Always staying after school to help us with our school work, coaching different team events, or just listening to us, Lakeside teachers are especially important in the lives of their students.


Jason Clyne, Principal
Dr. Donnie Davis, Asst. Principal of Discipline
Debra Bell, Asst. Principal of Attendance
Dr. Judith Johnson, Asst. Principal of Instruction
Cindy Mosley, Asst. Principal of Testing


Brian Fenner, Head Counselor- (A - Cosb)
Yolanda McKinney- (Cosc - Holl)
Brad Smith- (Holm - More)
Emily Attia (Morf - Sed)
Jan Blair- (See - Z)

Don Wessels, Social Worker


Mary Firth, Department Chair
Tracy Anderson

David Corder
Alicia Davis
Sara Freels
Beth Gordon
Jason Harper
Greta E Hayes
Tamara Hollingsworth


Margaret Hyman
Florence C Johnson
Heather R Johnson
La'Monica Tellis
Susan Ricks
Courtney Robinson
Garry Saltmarsh



Holland Miller, Department Chair
Katherine Bakowski
Troyce Brown
Pete Carlson
Rae Crookless
Carol Cox
Erin Latimer


Jayosree Mukherjee
David Palmer
Fred Priesmeyer
John Rivers

Munawer Sultana
Michael Washington
Michael Young



Syrena Rainey, Department Chair
Sheila Asher
Monica Baker-Eady
Nancy Brim
Tom Collop
Scott Danielson
Mary Giambruno
Heath A Hinton
Samuel Adams


Dr. Annette Parrott
Mike Pastirik
Aris Pitts
Nicole B Houston-Sithole
Cheryl Powell
Tammie Ross
Kathy Switzer

Social Studies

Social Studies

Mack Anthony,Department Chair
Richard Barbe
Zachary T Bevins
Robert Bokelman
Chuck Cass
Armand Bodrug
Jacob D Sagel
Adam Crawford

Elizabeth Krieger
James C. Lavender
Diane Meah
Bill Newsome
James Perrotta
Timothy A Hesse
William M Nollner
Social Studies

World Languages

Henri DeVastey, Department Chair
Ashley Blackwood
Karhim Bretous
Brian Huestis
Terry Krugman
Vania Y Robertson

Giovanna Lizzio
Elaine J Jobson
Daisy Molina
Talya Salus
Richard Turnbow


Career Technology
                    Mission Statement

Valerie Paige, Department Chair
Ira Andrews
Kizzy Bess
Marcia Jackson

Keith Kidd
Leah O'Brien
Naola Pitts
Gloria P McCoy

Health & PE

Health & Physical Education

Tricia Newmyer, Department Chair
Steve Burger
Mark Evans

Bradley N Morris
Darrell G. Moore
Angela Thompson

Special Ed.

Special Education

Sharon Johnson, Department Chair
Matthew S Coleman
Richard Couture
Colleen Davis
Joel Fender
Robert Lawes
Luis Lopez
Lindsay Morrison
Lara Otey

Matthew Shiloh

Lille B Granger
Porcia Richardson-Spears
Ansley Smith
Barbara Warren
Glenda Henderson
Christopher J Donnelly
Thomas L Tidmore
Ellan S Reed



Miriam Martin, Media Specialist
Yvonne Glover, Tech Support
Michael Wheeler, Media Assistant


Fine Arts/ ROTC

Susan Staggs, Art - Department Chair
Donnie Borden, ROTC
David Fairchild, Band Director
Karla Jelks, Art

Sidney Sider, ROTC
Charles Snell, Chorus
Katlyn S Crews, Art
Tamara S Dworetz, Orchestra


Prakash Gurdita
Lakshmi Gudlavalleti
William Hoover
Kiran Mittal


Joseph McCants
Steve Tidwell
Ilah Winfrey-Miller



Curtis Clements, School Resource Officer
John Trombino, Campus Supervisor
Mark Cooper
Dwayne Mitchell


Idallah Abdul-Muhaymin