FirstClass Resources

What is FirstClass and FirstClass Collaborative Classroom?

District-adopted electronic communication system.

Who can use FirstClass?

FirstClass is available to all DCSS employees and all DCSS students in grades 5th - 12th.

How do I access FirstClass?

System requirements

High speed Internet access is required in all cases. For home use this would include cable modem (Comcast) and DSL (AT&T, Earthlink) access.



Teachers and Administrators

First Class Basics

Setting Up & Managing FirstClass Collaborative Classroom

Creating FirstClass Webpages

Using CommunityNet Web-Based Tools



First Class Basics

Using FirstClass Collaborative Classroom

Posting a Blog

Opening a Podcast

Using the Web Calendar

Change Password

Using CommunityNet Web-based Tools


Further Assistance

Please contact the Instructional Technology Specialist assigned to your school for more information and assistance. Click here to locate your Instructional Technology Specialist.