Henderson Middle School Textbooks Online
This is the site from the county for textbooks

Textbooks are available on the Internet for these subjects:

Prentice Hall
Middle Grades Math

Name of textbooks:
Tools For Success, Course 1 – Grade 6
Tools For Success, Course 2 – Grade 7
Tools For Success, Course 3 – Grade 8

On this web site you can extend your textbook to sites worldwide, as well as do online activities and take tests.

Point your browser to www.phschool.com
At the top of the home page, click on the subject icon “Math”
From the drop-down menu, select your state “GA”
From the next drop-down menu, select your program, “Middle Grades Math: Tools For Success”
Click on “Go”

Alegbra I

Science Textbooks

The following are the websites for science books. phschool.com is for 6th and 8th and go.hrw.com is for 7th grade. These sites may ask for a class code for the period you have science. Ask your Science teacher about the code.


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