Henderson Staff Development
What every Faculty member at HMS needs to know about First Class
FirstClass Quiz
Powerpoint Overview
Checklist (to be submitted in writing to Ms. Heller)

I. Basics of First Class
   A. Logging On
       1. Password and Security
2. Pop Windows
3. FC Notifier
4. Keyboard Shortcuts
B. Desktop 1. Personal Container a. Personal Mailbox 1. Organization 2. Resumes and Signatures 3. Messages and attachments b. Personal Bookmarks c. Personal Address Book 1. Individual Addresses 2. Group Mailing Lists d. Personal Calendar e. Home Pages
1. Personal
2. Classroom 3. Lessons and Assignments f. Chat
2. Other Containers a. Rights b. Messaging c. HMS Red School House 1. Smart Web 2. MHEN Web Conference a. School Calendar b. Team Calendars 1. Creating Events
2.Other features c. Cool Links 3. Technology 4. Lesson Plans d. HMS Media
e. HMS Chat 3. Storage Area
II. Hints

If you need to do any of the following First Class Items to your home or school computer, use the following instructions or refer to your First Class Frequently Answered Questions Section for more help. It is located after Logging on to First Class, locating the DeKalb Discussions folder on your desktop and clicking on FirstClass FAQs. In addition, you can also find the FirstClass Help Desk there if you need further assistance. DeKalb County also has a Collaborative FirstClass Training Manual located online for your convenience. Many of the things listed here can be found there as well.

Other Important Things You Might Like to Know

Home Pages How do you get a folder on your desktop to put your homepage in?
Creating or Updating Your Classroom Homepage Template
How To Create a Classroom Extra Page Using FirstClass.
Adding your picture
How do I link to a school or team calendar on the web?
Examples of good classroom Home Pages

Download the First Class Clients on to your computers

What is your email address? How can I not have people seeing my 4 digit number?


How big is my First Class Container? Should I leave my folders there forever?

How do I sort in First Class?
Terrible Speller

Accidentally deleted something you need.

Want to know how much storage space you have left in your container?
Can I move files from one place to another using it? Will it let me copy complete folders?
How do you get rid of those annoying red flags?



Accidentally deleted something you need:
If you have ever deleted your folders or e-mails, but needed to get them back they will appear again when you select "show deleted items" under the View menu. Just remember, however, that the deleted items will appear again up to a day. At the end of the day, the server will perform a "Trash Collection" which will permanently delete all deleted items. If what you deleted was a conference that you need, add a conference to your desktop which already exists somewhere by simply finding the conference on the FirstClass System, right - click on the conference and select "Add To Desktop". This will place the conference on your FirstClass Desktop.

How To Create a Classroom Extra Page Using FirstClass:
1. From your FirstClass Desktop, open up the Home Page Folder
2. Highlight the text and images below by Selecting everthing below the section labeled "COPY HERE"
3. Once everthing is Highlighted, select Edit->Copy
4. Close this document and open your Home Page Folder
5. Select File->New->New Document Special->Personal Web Page
6. Select Edit->Paste. All text and images below should now appear on your New Document.
7. Enter your Class and Homework, then Close the Document
8. VERY IMPORTANT: Rename this document to something other than the words "New Document". Rename it to something such as "aboutme"
9. Open the "Home Page" document template and create a link to this new document under the appropriate subject tab.

URL Text: About Me
URL Link: fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us/~first_mi_lastname/aboutme <--- This is the name of the file

Add faculty pictures to your web pages.
A. Once a picture has been scanned in, use a piece of software such as Adobe Photoshop and open the photo then change the image size down to about 1.5 inches and export to JPG format. Once in JPG format, you can then open your home page template and right-click on the image box and choose "Insert File". This will open a windows search box and you can insert the JPG photo which you reduced in size and saved to your hard-drive as a JPG file.

To change or reset your password, select "Collaborate" from the menu above, and choose "Change Password".

How do you get a folder on your desktop to put your homepage in?
Two ways: File->Open->Home Page
press Ctrl+4 while in your First Class desktop

Upgrading your Resume: We have new phone numbers so you need to upgrade your resume (some of you need to create yours for the first time). To do this simply: Edit your resume by logging into FirstClass and selecting File->Open->Resume. When completed editing close the resume and it will be automatically saved.

Signature lines of your email messages: Don't forget to update your phone numbers on the signature lines of your email messages as well. (many of us use our resume information after our signatures in order to let our readers know how to reach us). To edit the signature line, follow the instructions on this link.

Create a New Personal Mail List (i.e., a group) (Page 30 of manual)
1) Select the File Menu > New > New Personal Mail List.
2) Change then name New Personal Mail List to the name for the list you wish to create (e.g., Leadership Team, PTSA Board, etc.).
3) Enter the names for the people you wish to include in your mail list. (Enter a pattern as you would to address email, and press Enter. You must see the “little toy soldier” for the name to be included in the list.)
4) When you have entered all of the names, click on the X in the upper right corner to close the window.
5) Click on Save.

Hint: If you want to create a New Personal Mail List for a group that is not in the FC Directory, create New Personal Addresses first, which will enter the names in your directory, and then create the Mail List.

Q: I would like to load First Class Email Notifier on my workstation so that I am notified when I have new Email.

A: In order to set up your workstation to notify you of when new email arrives, you must follow the steps below:
1. Download the appropriate version attached above by "RightClicking on the icon and selecting "Save Attachment". *Save it to your computer's DeskTop. Windows Version=FCOPT7008.EXE / Macintosh Version=FCOPT7008.hqx (NOTE: Be sure to remember where you saved it.)
2. Double Click on the downloaded attachment from your computer's Desktop (These files are located in the DeKalb Discussions Folder, First Class FAQs folder, email from Craig Liggett entitled, First Class Email Notifier v. 7.0.
4. By Double Clicking the program, you should be at the Install Screen for FirstClass. When installing, uncheck all items to be installed except the FirstClass Notifier.
5. Once installed, you will see FirstClass Notifier in your StartUp folder unter Start->Program Files.

You must setup the program for first use in the following manner.
1. Run the FirstClass Notifier by going to Start -> Programs -> StartUp -> FirstClass Notifier
2. An icon will appear on the bottom right of your computer next to the Clock.
3. Right Click on the icon and choose Setup...
4. Enter the Server Name: fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us
Enter Your FirstClass UserID (three initials + 4 digist of SSN)
Enter your FirstClass Password

IMPORTANT: If you ever change your password, you must also change the setup as in steps 2-4 above.

How much storage space do you have left in your container? Go into FC, DeKalb Discussions, First Class FAQs, (notice across the top of this container 3 icons), Click on one called, Disk Tools Use and it will show you the amount of space used and space allotted.

What is my email address and how can I not use the one with my 4-digit social security number in it? Go into FC, DeKalb Discussions, First Class FAQs, (notice across the top of this container 3 icons), Click on one called, Email Preferences. This will allow you to choose whichone the world sees.

Pop-Up Windows
Many of us fine the pop-up windows annoying but we are at the mercy of the creator of those containers as to when they will be popped up. It is a simple matter to click in the close box however and close them into their respective containers. In many cases these are important communications from the superintendent or other departments that feel all employees should be reading what they have to say. Failure to read these messages may cause you to be uninformed.

Personal Calendars
These are simply what they say they are-a place for you to keep your personal time schedule and appointment calendar. No one else can read it. you can maintain a to-do list here as well. If you have accidentally deleted or do not have a personal calendar on your desktop, from the file menu, select "Open - Calendar." A calendar window will appear, and a calendar icon will be added to your desktop. It will always open to a weekly view of events. You can change the view using the buttons at the top. You can set us email lists here for notifications of meetings and set up repeat functions on all of the events you enter. For more information about calendars, refer the manual or to Calendars we need to know about.

Red Flags
These signify that something new has arrived. In many cases you may wish to get rid of all of the flags from a container so that you can tell when something new has arrived. To do so, Simply hold down the <CTRL> key and click on the red flag that is beside of the container. This should eliminate all of the flags within the container. If you would rather eliminate only certain ones-then simply hold down the <CTRL) key and click on the red flag beside of the message.

Moving Files around
Many files are too large for one floppy disk and FC provides you with an excellent way to move them from one place to another. You can copy the entire file by dragging it into the storage area. FC will not allow you to keep it in a folder, however. You can go the computer you are moving it to and create a duplicate folder there and copy the files into them and they will work the same. Remember, FC has limited space so do not house your large files there for long periods of time.

First Class has a Spell Checking Tool. If the spell checker encounters an unknown word, a window will appear with a suggestion for a replacement. You can Replace the word, Replace All occurrences fo the word, Skip this occurrence, etc. You will need to either set up or take off the spell checker within the Preferences.

You can group messages or sort by order and crieteria. To sort by Name, Subject, Last Modified (date), or any colum, click once on the appropriate column heading or use the Change View Properties window. Click a second time to change the sort order between ascending and descending.

Lesson Plans - Create a Folder for Assignments and Lessons Plans inside FirstClass
1. Open your Home Page from within the Home Page Folder
2. Select the appropriate Subject Number
3. Within the URL Text field, type in Lessons, and within the http://Text field, type in
4. Within the 2nd URL Text Field, type in Assignments, and within the http://Text field, type in
5. Close and Save the Home Page.
6. From within the Home Page Folder, Select New -- New Folder from the File menu and Rename this folder "Lessons".

7. From within the Home Page Folder, Select New--New Folder from the File menu and Rename this folder "Assignments".
8. Open the "Lessons" Folder, Select "New Document Special" -- "Lesson Plan Web Page from the Message menu.
9. Click on the button identified with "Click here to change the name of this Page". In the Information window that appears, change the name to the Date of the Lesson Plan (Ex.October 23, 2002), and Fill in the appropriate subject (Ex. Algebra I).

10. Fill in the blanks as appropriate.

To Create a Folder for Assignments:
1. Open the Assignments Folder
2. Select "New Document Special" -- "Home Page" from the Message menu.
3. Click on the button identified with " Click here to change the name of this Page." In the information window that appears, change the name to the Date of the Assignment and Subject.
4. If you wish to enhance the HTML looks for this page, you could create it in an editior such as Front Page and drop it into the folder. Be sure it is named, "Assignments".


How do I link to a school, team, or personal calendar on the web? Copy & paste to your webpage
The Url for the School Calendar is http://fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us/calendars/middle/MHENCalendar/?FormID=159
The Url for your team Calendar is http://fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us/calendars/middle/Henderson/MHEN%206A%20Calendar/?FormID=159

Information found to most of the links above was provided using First Class, DeKalb Discussions, Craig Liggett as the author.