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The mission of the Department of Transportation is to provide safe, professional, and efficient transportation for students to and from school; and all extracurricular activities and school-related events. This work directly supports the teaching and learning instructional program for the success of the school district.

Providing safe, reliable, on-time service requires professional drivers, well-maintained buses and a competent support and management staff. As of 2013, the Department manages 945 buses and 850 drivers to transport more than 65,000 students on a daily basis - two-thirds of the district's 99,000 students ride the school bus.

All of our drivers meet Georgia state standards for school-bus licensing to include: a commercial driver's license (CDL), annual physical and mandatory training requirements. The Safety and Training Unit ensures that drivers meet all qualifications and maintains the respective records of compliance.

All school buses are inspected approximately every 30 days for safety and performance. The Fleet Services Department manages all bus (and service fleet) maintenance with highly-skilled mechanics and inspectors.

At the management level, the center of support is the Transportation supervisor. The transportation supervisor directly oversees the drivers to the schools. The Transporation supervisor's office is located in a district sector that is near the assigned schools. Besides the school principal, the Transportation supervisor is considered a first point of contact for questions involving school bus transportation.  

Parents may contact their respective Transportation Supervisor for assistance


Assisting the daily professional contribution of the drivers and transportation supervisors are the opens in same window icon Routing [ ], opens in same window icon Payroll [ ], opens in same window icon Dispatch [ ], opens in same window icon Fleet Services [ ], opens in same window icon Field Trip & Transportation Request, and opens in same window icon Safety and Training [ ] departments.


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    (three-tier bus service program for
    elementary, middle, and high schools)


Business hours: 7:30 AM — 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday

For emergencies, please contact the Bus Dispatch Operator at 678.676.1305.
For all general inquries, please call us at 678.676.1333 or email link icon send an email [ ] to our Transportation Help Desk.

Have a complaint? Let us know. Should you not receive a courteous, professional response to your query, please report it. We ask that you provide the date, time and name of the specific staff representative who spoke with you. An operation manager will follow up to correct the matter. Parents are our valued customer every day, all day and we want to provide you outstanding service.


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Avondale Elementary School
  • Route 02, Bus 1531 1770
Druid Hills High School
  • Route 16, Bus 2000 1855
  • Route 27, Bus 1615 1900
Druid Hills Middle School
  • Route 11, Bus 1879 1879
Fernbank Elementary School
  • Route 25, Bus 1789 1900
  • Route 27, Bus 1730 1757
Henderson Middle School
  • Route 55, Bus 1540 157
  • Route 72, Bus 1938 1730
  • Route 83, Bus 1763 1775
Lakeside High School
  • Route 55, Bus 1540 1775
  • Route 72, Bus 1938 1730
Oak Grove Elementary School
  • Route 72, Bus 1938 1730
Pleasantdale Elementary School
  • Route 47, Bus 1966 1775
  • Route 55, Bus 1540 1979
Robert Shaw Elementary School
  • Route 11, Bus 1879 1879

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