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Curriculum & Instruction

Setting the Standard for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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Students in a Classroom

The Division of Curriculum & Instruction consists of elementary school, middle school, and high school programs, as well as special services, professional learning, educational media, career technology, assessment and accountability, and school improvement.

Diverse comprehensive educational services are provided system-wide to over 100,000 students. Our mission is to give each of these children an excellent education. Special service centers meet instructional needs ranging from world language, science, and special education, to performing arts and career technology, and the schools operate on a semester system. In 2012—2013, DeKalb County Schools debuted the Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Learning (CIAPL) K–12 curriculum. This was created by more than 600 teachers and administrators, and aligns with the Common Core standards.

Board of Education Updates

Curriculum & Instruction provides updates to the Board of Education regarding its educational initiatives. The presentations for these updates are listed below—the date corresponds to the date of the Board of Education meeting at which the presentation was presented.

.pdf link icon August 8, 2011 [ ]
reprioritization, adequate yearly progress (AYP), targeting reading and math performance, opens in same window icon calculus [ ], career technology, opens in same window icon Race to the Top (RT3) [ ], school improvement grant
.pdf link icon September 12, 2011 [ ]
overview of the instructional framework, triage update, diagnosing and monitoring student performance
.pdf link icon May 31, 2012 [ ]
College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI)


  • to implement and monitor the research-based instructional and leadership frameworks for Curriculum & Instruction resulting in a systemic and consistent approach
  • to improve student learning outcomes in reading/english language arts, math, science, and social studies with alignment of K–12 expectations for literacy, numeracy, and science resulting in students who are prepared for postsecondary options including work readiness
  • to implement a Curriculum & Instruction process that requires accountability, monitoring, collaboration, on-going feedback, support and training, research and evaluation, and progress reporting at all levels resulting in consistent and improved student learning outcomes

DeKalb County Schools is committed to the development of a systemwide curriculum that promotes high expectations for its teachers and students and results in meaningful student learning. The district-wide curriculum can best be described as a thinking curriculum, one that integrates content and process, typifying real world situations. The opens in same window icon strategies and practices [ ] supporting the alignment of the written, taught, and tested curriculum are rooted in internal and external research critical to providing optimum learning opportunities for all students.

The purpose of the K–12 curriculum is to ensure that all students will learn the same core of significant content at a specific instructional level, from teacher to teacher, and school to school. Although the curricular objectives are aligned with the national education goals of the Goals 2000: Education America Act, Georgia standards, and state-mandated tests, the overriding goal is to design, teach, and assess a curriculum that is academically rich, holistic, student-centered, and culturally diverse, honoring input and contributions from all of DeKalb County School District's stakeholders.