DeKalb County School District


Excellence in Education Plan

Dear students, parents, educators, and all of our partners in the DeKalb community:

Welcome to the Home Page for the DeKalb County School District Excellence in Education 2017 Strategic Plan, the blue print for improving DeKalb Schools.

The Excellence in Education 2017 Strategic Plan is our vehicle to communicate to all of our stakeholders the challenges the DeKalb County School District will confront in the future and how we, working together, will address these challenges to create a better future for our students.

This Strategic Plan comes from a months long planning process, which included input from the DeKalb County Board of Education, parents, teachers, students and others in the DeKalb Schools community. These partners helped us identify our priorities and goals and build a framework of steps for the School District to achieve them.

The Excellence in Education Plan outlines the School District's mission and vision, our guiding principles and our five core goals:

  1. Student Achievement and Success
  2. Excellence in Leadership and Personnel
  3. Operational Effectiveness
  4. Safe and Orderly Schools
  5. Engaging Stakeholders

Critical to making the Excellence in Education Plan a reality is the School District's commitment to an Aligned Management System for Continuous Improvement.

An Aligned Management System will facilitate building a culture of accountability, and provides a means to manage, monitor and measure School District activities, decisions and performance objectives as outlined in the Strategic Plan. It will also facilitate communication with full transparency about our progress to all of our stakeholders.

We invite you to look over our Excellence in Education Plan and follow us as we take decisive steps to achieve our goals to improve student success. Working together, we will make Every Child a Winner and achieve Victory in Every Classroom.

  • .pdf link icon Strategic Plan [ ] (2012-2017)