DeKalb County School District


Superintendent Releases Evaluation Audits

During the 90-Day plan, Dr. Cheryl Atkinson procured the services of several consultants in the areas of Human Resources, Strategic Management & Accountability, School Leadership & Operations, and Curriculum & Instruction in order to evaluate specific division functions, processes, and services.

The information provided by each consultant's evaluation of division functions will be used to make operational changes to improve organizational efficacy. A summary report is provided from each evaluation where applicable.

If a summary report is not provided, the vendor provided an implementation service under the Excellence for Education Plan (i.e. Aligned Management System, Balanced Scorecard, and Job Reclassifications/Position Specifications).

The Superintendent and administration has thoroughly reviewed each audit report for consideration of all and/or parts of any recommendations made by the consultants.

Superintendent Consultant List
ID Division Vendor Description Status Final Report BOE Approval* Cost
*BOE approval required for expenditures over $100,000.00 per Board Policy DJE.
1 Human Resources Karaton Services Inc Job Reclassification/Position Specifications Development & Implementation Completed N/A N/A $79,000.00
2 Human Resources Huge & Associates HR Functions and Processes Audit Completed Attached N/A $45,000.00
3 Strategic Management & Accountability Pughsley & Associates Strategic Management/Aligned Management System Implementation In Process N/A N/A $45,000.00
4 Curriculum & Instruction Education Planners LLC Curricula Programs & Professional Development Audit Completed Attached N/A $40,000.00
5 School Leadership & Operations Dr. Ralph Taylor Safe School & Alternative Programs Audit Completed Attached N/A $10,000.00