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Strategic Plan (2014—2019)

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updated Oct. 1, 2015

The vision of the DeKalb County School District is to inspire our community of learners to achieve educational excellence. Our mission is to produce globally competitive students prepared for higher education, work, and life-long learning. We are making this vision and mission a reality - every day, in every classroom throughout the District.

Through community forums, focus groups, listening sessions, and more, we have engaged our stakeholders, refined our objectives, honed our procedures, and formulated a robust, highly-structured yet agile and adaptive strategic plan. We are pleased with the progress we have made thus far, and excited about the future - of our District, our community, and, most importantly, the 100,000+ students who daily bring to us their limitless potential.

The District has created performance measures, targets, and initiatives to ensure success in each goal area. A monitoring and data collection process has been developed, and rigorous progress check procedures have been implemented. At the local level, on-going training sessions are offered to all principals in order to support the work of aligning, refining, monitoring, and evaluating the continuous improvement efforts of each individual school.

As a community of learners, we are committed to excellence in everything we do - within the classroom and throughout the District. This continuous improvement process permeates each aspect of our Strategic Plan, and we are honored to partner with you to make it a reality for all.

2014 — 2019 Strategic Plan

FY15 Progress Checks

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FY15 Executive Summary of Progress:

Board of Education Presentations

High-Level Timeline

Targeted Completion Date
2nd Quarter Monitoring Cycle & FY16 Mid-Year Review
November 18, 2015
1st Quarter Division Sessions October 6, 2015
Board of Education Presentation & Progress Report October 5, 2015
1st Quarterly Monitoring Cycle September 30, 2015
FY15 Comprehensive Review (cross-divisional) August & September 2015
Training and support sessions for all principals July 2015
End-of-the-year monitoring June 30, 2015
Regional superintendents trained on protocols, processes, and tools for monitoring school plans June 2015
Quarterly monitoring completed March 31, 2015
Monitoring and accountability system developed and implemented January 2015
Performance measures and targets presented to the Board December 2014
Sign-off completion of strategic plan On/before June 30, 2014
Complete phase 2 milestone On/before June 30, 2014
Begin phase 2 of the strategic planning process January 6, 2014
Board of Education approves the vision, mission, motto, beliefs, goal areas, and performance objectives December 2, 2013
Complete phase 1 milestone November 29, 2013
Begin phase 1 of the strategic planning process September 1, 2013
Select the entire strategic planning committee August 19-30, 2013
Preplanning meetings with vendor August 19-30, 2013
Finalize an engagement letter with vendor August 6-16, 2013
Obtain board approval for RFP selected vendor August 5, 2013

Key Documents

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Balanced Scorecard

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