DeKalb County School District

SPLOST IV—Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

Referendum Detail

Item 17: Technology Equipment and Infrastructure Refresh
Description Estimate Estimate (sortable)
Hardware Refresh
  • update computer labs (e.g. career technology, business education, engineering)
  • update classroom computers as needed
  • update administrative computers as needed
  • update classroom printers/scanners to support instructional needs
$19,055,789 19055789
21st Century Classroom Technology
  • complete the roll out of interactive white boards to every classroom (this includes a projector for every classroom and ability for hand-held student "voting clickers" to interface with the smartboard)
  • provide students with access to tablet computers and/or laptops to support e-books and other digital content
  • provide video conferencing to support distant learning opportunities with universities and other K–12 schools
$9,000,000 9000000
Wireless Acccess for All Classrooms
  • provide wireless Internet access to every classroom to support future technologies and allow students the ability to roam with their hand-held devices
$4,500,000 4500000
Digital Content Distribution
  • provide schools with the technology to share digital content, broadcast morning announcements, videos, and the like
$1,500,000 1500000
Infrastructure Upgrades
  • replace aging power back-up devices, networking equipment, and file and print servers (this upgraded equipment is a critical component in that it supports critical resources such as Internet access and district-wide instructional and administrative software)
$1,200,000 1200000
Upgrade to Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • upgrade existing telephone equipment as needed
  • provide a district-wide emergency notification system that will send messages via text, email, and telephone
$1,000,000 1000000