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New School Choice Open Enrollment Deadline March 3, 2015

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School Choice

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Parents in DeKalb County have the opportunity to make choices regarding their children's public school education. The DeKalb County School District offers a variety of school choice programs to students currently enrolled in public schools, private schools, and home schools. Because there are several programs serving students in grades prekindergarten through twelve, a school choice programs catalog is available to assist in selecting a program that meets the needs of your child(ren). The programs are designed to address interests such as math, science, technology, performing arts, environmental studies, engineering, career explorations, world languages, and advanced studies. Since the number of student placements is limited per program and grade level, all eligible students applying are not guaranteed enrollment. Students are selected to enroll in the programs using an automated random student selection process. Magnet programs provide satellite transportation services as approved each school year. Students enrolled in all other school choice programs who reside outside of the program's home attendance zones do not receive transportation services.

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Charter Schools


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Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program /Senate Bill 10

Employee's Child Transfer Requests

Employee's Child Transfer Requests

House Bill 251 (2015 - 2016)

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