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opens in new window icon IDMS SchoolNet [ ] is provided to all DeKalb County Schools employees, and houses all student data populated by the Student Information System - with academic schedules, grades, standardized test scores, benchmark data, and much more.


New Employee Login

opens in new window icon SchoolNet Login [ ]    |    .pdf link icon first-time login directions [ ]

*current employees who need to reset your password can follow the same directions


IDMS Modules

The modules DeKalb employees have access to is based on the staff assignment in the district.

Splash Page:
Everyone has a home page once you login. Check it out for announcements, links and your upcoming professional learning activities.

Educator Development:
PD Planner access for locating and registering for professional development at the district and local level. All credit you earn is maintained here.

School & District Data:
All Administrators in DeKalb have this module providing access to district data, region and school data and the ability to generate reports.

ALL teachers have this module if they have assigned class sections. Student data is readily available for students assigned to that teacher. School Administrators can see this module as well as teachers.

Assessment Admin:
This module is provided to teachers for the purpose of locating district assessments such as benchmarks and SLOs. Teachers can create their own classroom assessments and assign to their class sections. Some Academic coaches and administrators have this module for creating school assessments.

School & District Data

Video segments are available from the Spring 2013 "Using Data to Drive School Change" sessions presented by The Urban Learning & Leadership Center. Please feel free to preview and share with the rest of your staff if appropriate.

The 6-Step Planning Process:

Using Data to Create and Sustain Excellence in Schools

New Video Tutorials

  • opens in same window icon IDMS SchoolNet Splash Page (Home) [ ]
  • opens in same window icon KPI Dashboard [ ]: view current Key Performance Indicators for Student Attendance and Enrollment and Student Academic Performance.
  • opens in same window icon Benchmark Tests [ ]: see the benchmark tests that have been administered during the current school year.
  • opens in same window icon Report Bank [ ]: view published reports

Revised Documentation for SchoolNet Version 14

  • .pdf link icon SchoolNet Splash Page [Home] [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/SchoolNet Splash page details_Leadership 3.13.12.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon KPI Dashboard [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/KPI Dashboard.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Benchmark Dashboard [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Benchmark Tests Dashboard 3.14.12.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Report Bank [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Report Bank dashboard 3.14.12.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Student Search & Student Profile [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Student Search_Student Profile 3.14.12.pdf ]

Report Builder Documentation
Created for an earlier version of SchoolNet but functionality is the same

New documentation is "under construction".

  • .pdf link icon Pre-formatted Reports [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Pre_Formatted Reports.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Benchmark Reports [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Benchmark Reports in IDMS.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Define Student Sets [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Define a Student Set in IDMS.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Custom Reports [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Custom Reports.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Analysis Spreadsheets [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Analysis Spreadsheets.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Course/Section Reports [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Course_Section Reports.pdf ]

Educator development

PD Planner

All employees register for Professional Learning activities/trainings from the PD Planner in IDMS SchoolNet.

Conduct a PD Search on keywords, or search with the calendar if you know the date of training.

School-based, district trainings and departmental PD are housed in PD Planner and employees must register in order to accummulate training hours.

The GAPSC is bringing back the requirement for certified personnel to earn a mandatory number of Professional Learning Units (PLUs) beginning June 30, 2016.

Subsequent Validity Period PLU Requirement
July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2015 NO
July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2016 YES
July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2017 YES
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2018 YES
July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2019 YES
July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2020 YES
July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2020 YES

PD Planner now contains five(5) years of Professional Learning activities for all certificated personnel. These past activities will now show on your PD transcript as well as any activity credit earned since we began using PD Planner in 2011.

Those renewing certificates in June 2015 do not have to meet the PLU requirement!

In the past it has been 10 PLU credits earned every five year renewal.

Lots of summer PD available using PD 360 as well as other trainings scheduled in PD Planner for face-to-face.

Classrooms Administration

Teacher Information

This page contains resources for the Classrooms and Assessment Admin modules which are the default tabs for all teachers. Scroll to view all resources.


What can I do with the Classrooms tab?

  • Locate class sections assigned for this school year.
  • Select any student from the roster to see Student Profile with historical data back as far as 2005-2006.
  • Locate my curriculum for assigned courses.
  • Locate district benchmark and SLO assessment results.
  • Generate Item Analysis of assessments given at the district and school level to provide data that should drive the daily instruction.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses for the standards being taught and assessed.
  • Create Student Groups based on assessment results.
  • Generate published reports as well as create your own.
  • Create Classroom Tests in IDMS for daily assessment with online test-taking capability.

The following schedules are training opportunities for teachers that will assist with understanding what is available in IDMS SchoolNet and how to create "Classroom tests" for your class sections.

"How To" Documentation

  • .pdf link icon Classrooms - Student Profiles [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Classrooms_ Student Profiles.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Creating Student Groups [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Creating Student Groups in IDMS.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Skills Analysis of Benchmark Tests [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Skills Analysis of Benchmark Tests.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Item Analysis [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Item Analysis_Classrooms module.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Standards Mastery [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Standards Mastery for Teachers.pdf ]
  • .pdf link icon Student Analysis Reports [ /www/documents/instructional-data-management-system/documentation/Student Analysis_Reports.pdf ]

Assessment Administration

This module provides DeKalb County staff and students access to various types of assessments. Each type of assessment is defined below for clarification.

Students have the ability to take assessment ONLINE by logging into IDMS SchoolNet just like all DeKalb employees do. Student logins and passwords are the students ID# preceeded by the letter s.

  • .pdf link icon Student logins [ ]

District Benchmarks:

  • Quarterly assessments created for the purpose of evaluating the curriculum content taught during the time frame leading up to the test administration
  • Teachers use Item Analysis of results to evaluate the


  • Student Learning Objective assessments are mandated by the GaDOE for the purpose of measuring student growth
  • Teachers must administer a Pre SLO and a Post SLO for the current non-tested courses where SLOs are available
  • The results of the PRE SLOs and Post SLOs are reported to the State twice a year.
  • Administer a Pre SLO assessment to new students within 10 days of entry into your class

Classroom Tests:

  • ALL teachers have the ability to create classroom tests within SchoolNet
  • These assessments can be assigned to your current class sections only!
  • Classroom tests cannot be shared in SchoolNet when they are created by an individual teacher
  • They belong solely to the teacher that created them
  • Use this for your regular classroom tests and let the system grade the test
  • Copy your classroom tests from year to year and rename for current school year

School Assessments:

  • Only specific personnel at schools can create common assessments (Test Item Administrators)
  • Create all types of tests under the School Common Assessment category
  • Assign to selected class sections in the school

Assessments within SchoolNet can be administered "Online" or using "answer sheets" that must be scanned. As of Dec. 9,2013 , SchoolNet is upgrading to Version 15.2. With this upgrade all scanning workstations must upgrade ScanIt to Version 7.0. Answer sheets printed before this upgrade cannot be scanned.

Scanning workstations attached to the Brother MFC scanners should be available to all teachers for scanning purposes and only used for scanning of district benchmarks, SLOs, classroom tests and school assessments.

Classroom Tests

Teachers are encouraged to utilize this tool within SchoolNet for assessing your students as you would with a hard copy of your teacher-made tests. Three types of tests are available to you for use with your class sections.

Express Test: {using Test Item Bank}

  • Teacher selects the standards
  • Choose the number of items for each selected standard
  • Assign to your class sections.
  • These tests can be taken ONLINE.

Answer Key Only tests:

  • Teacher creates an answer key only test for a current paper test
  • Mark the answer and assign to a standard
  • Assign to your class section
  • Test cannot be taken online since there are no questions
  • Generate Answer sheets from the open test in SchoolNet for your sections
  • Scan results

Complete Test:

  • Teacher creates a complete test from "scratch"
  • Enter the question, answers, standards
  • Schedule for your class sections
  • Tests can be taken Online or using answer sheets
  • Online is preferred to save paper.

Documentation for Teachers Creating Assessments

School-Based Assessments

Only designated school personnel can create "common assessments" for their schools. Teachers do not have this permission in SchoolNet.

No one should copy a district benchmark or SLO assessment and rename for use in the local school.

Recommended Guidelines for Creating School-based assessments:

  • Naming Convention: School Name or Initials precedes the name of the test (see examples)
    • Freedom Grade 6 Math Assessment
    • SMS Grade 8 Language Arts Checkup
  • Title of Test: Please do not use the word "benchmark" or "SLO" in your test titles. This helps keep tests organized in SchoolNet
  • Type of Test: School-based assessments are categorized under School Common Assessments.

Express Test: {using Test Item Bank}

  • Test Administrator selects the standards
  • Choose the number of items for each selected standard
  • Assign to desired class sections within your school
  • Tests can be taken ONLINE

Answer Key Only tests:

  • Test Administrator creates an answer key only test for a current paper test
  • Mark the answer and assign to a standard
  • Assign to desired class sections within your school
  • Test cannot be taken online since there are no questions
  • Generate Answer sheets from the open test in SchoolNet for those sections
  • Scan results

Complete Test:

  • Test Administrator creates a complete test from "scratch"
  • Enter the question, answers, standards
  • Schedule for desired class sections within your school
  • Tests can be taken Online or using answer sheets
  • Online is preferred to save paper.

Documentation for School-Based Assessments

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