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DeKalb Gifted, High Achievers and Advanced Placement Program
Dr. Patti Muench
5839 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083-3487
Tel: (678) 676-1800 / FAX: (678) 676-1888
The Georgia State Board of Education defines a gifted student as . . . a student who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual, creative and/or artistic ability (ies), possesses exceptional leadership skills, or excels in specific academic fields and who needs special instruction and/or special ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with his or her abilities.
The Program for the Gifted is part of the Exceptional Education and Support Services Department and is funded by the state. The procedures for identifying and placing students in the gifted program are governed by the Georgia State Department of Education. DCSS offers the Discovery Program in the elementary schools and the Impact Program in the middle and high schools.
Discovery Program
Elementary students participate in the gifted program for a minimum of 225 minutes per week, and are supported by a certified teacher of the gifted.
Impact Program
Middle and senior high school gifted students are taught at least one period per day in a content-based program by a certified teacher of the gifted. In the high schools, gifted students may also participate in Advanced Placement, Directed-study courses and Mentorship.
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for gifted services, students must qualify in three of the following four areas:
  • Mental Ability
    Minimum of 96% in at least one sub-test area.

  • Achievement
    Minimum of 90% on the total reading, total math, or complete composite.

  • Creativity
    Minimum of 90% on an assessment for creativity.

  • Motivation
    1. Grades K-12 - Minimum of 90% on an assessment for motivation

    2. Grades 9-12 - 3.5 G.P.A. for two consecutive semesters in English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language if applicable.
  • A qualifying score on a nationally normed test is required to meet the criteria in at least one area.

  • Any data used to establish eligibility in one area shall not be used to establish eligibility in another area.

  • Assessment scores are valid for two years.

  • Private test data may not be used to determine eligibility. It may be used as a referral for further evaluation.
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