DeKalb County School District

Human Resources

2014–2015 Teacher Salary Schedule

Teacher Salary Based on 190 Work Days/8 Hours Per Day...

Professional Infield Certificate

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teacher salary schedule

Provisional BT4 Certificate

$36,361.21 Annually, $191.37 Daily

*Certified staff holding BT4 certificate will receive $36,361.21 regardless of experience.

Salary placement is based on the educator's current year of teaching and GAPSC certificate.
Salary placement guidelines comply with the Georgia Department of Education's 160-5-2-.05 Experience for Salary Purposes.


  1. An educator who has verified 10 years of credited service will be placed on Step 11.
  2. An educator with no previous experience and began working on or after November 13th will remain on Step 01.