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Hawthorne Elementary School

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Hawthorne School Council: Working for You!

The Hawthorne Elementary School Council is an elected board consisting of seven members. Four are parents who are elected by the parent body and serve two year alternating terms. Two are certified teachers who are elected by their peers and serve two year terms. The final board member is the principal, a position currently held by Mrs. Govignon. There are a minimum of four meetings per year and all are open to the public. In addition, the minutes from each meeting are available for public viewing and are located on a bulletin board outside the front office.

The primary function of the School Council is as a liaison between the community, the DeKalb County School System and Hawthorne Elementary. By facilitating discussion regarding educational issues, we seek to give the parents an avenue in which to influence the school's decision making process. Some of the areas we typically address for improvement are attendance, academic achievement, student discipline and curriculum. We also look at the budget priorities to optimize the school's resources so as to best serve our school's needs. Furthermore, we make every effort to improve community and parental involvement in various school programs and extracurricular activities. It is our ultimate goal to find ways of improving our school by fostering a positive environment focused on learning.

Contact information for current School Council members:
Colleen Rowland, Parent & Chair:
Tyler Kornatowski, Parent & Vice Chair:
Angela Maki, Parent:
Bill Blass, Parent & Business Member:
Annette Maclin, Principal:
Mary Jane Holbrook, Teacher:
Janel Stover, Teacher: