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The DeKalb County School District was one of the first systems in Georgia to increase credits for graduation and to offer a variety of diplomas.

Students must pass the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT) in five areas to receive a diploma. A certificate of performance is given to a student who completes all course work towards the diploma but does not pass all requirements of the graduation test. A certificate of performance can not be used as a diploma and will not assist with any post-secondary options for a student—a high school diploma must be received.

Students in the Class of 2012 and Beyond
Students in the Class of 2011 and Prior

A .pdf link icon college preparatory diploma with honors/distinction [ ] requires three years of a world language, a 3.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA), and a 3.0 core GPA.


Replacement Process

Graduates of the DeKalb County School District have the option to order replacement diplomas through the current vendor (Jostens) by following the procedures below:

To place an order, please call Jostens. The number is 1-706-691-9359 Ask to speak with email link icon Mark Peay [ ].

**All orders must be placed Monday-Friday, during normal business hours (8:30-5:00 PM EST). Orders will only be accepted via telephone.

Make sure you have the following information available when you place your call:

  1. Your name at time of graduation
  2. The name of the high school you graduated from
  3. The type of diploma/document you earned (High School Diploma, Certificate of Performance, Transition Diploma)
  4. Your date of your graduation
  5. Your Shipping address

**The signatures of the current Principal, Board Chair and Superintendent will be used on replacement diplomas.

Please be prepared to pay for your order when you call Jostens. The cost of the replacement diploma is $35.00. Production time is 3-4 weeks. Diplomas will be sent directly to the requesting person at the shipping address upon completion.

Note: The DeKalb County School District is not responsible for the placement or orders, payment of invoices or tracking of replacement diplomas. Any questions should be directed to Jostens.

**In many instances, an official high school transcript will serve as proof of graduation. If you are in need of a transcript to verify graduation, please contact your graduating high school or send an email to .org link icon