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The Georgia charter schools law provides the means to organize a charter public school subject to an academic or vocational performance-based contract approved by both the state and local boards of education.

A group of people (educators, parents, community leaders, or others) write the charter plan (i.e. charter contract) describing the school's guiding principles, governance structure, and applicable accountability measures. Specific goals and operating procedures for the charter school are detailed in an agreement (or "charter") between the school system, state department of education, and charter organizers. The charter contract often exempts the school from agreed upon state and local rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and from certain provisions of Title 20 of Georgia law.


Spring/Summer 2015 Petition Cycle

East Atlanta Charter School (New Start-Up)

2014 Petition Cycle

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Leadership Preparatory Academy (Start-Up Renewal)
Proposed McNair College & Career Academy
DeKalb P.A.T.H. Academy (Start-Up Renewal)
Chamblee Charter High School

Fall 2013 Petition Cycle

International Community School
Druid Hills High School Charter Cluster


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  • Letter of Intent for the 2016 Petition Cycle. The District will accept letters of intent for the 2016 Petition Cycle on the following dates only:
    • Start-up petitioners: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
    • Conversion, renewals, or high school clusters petitioners: Monday, February 1, 2016

  • The 2015 Petitioner Guidelines were revised on May 15, 2015. These revisions include an amendment to the Letter of Assurances, and an addendum document covering human resource questions for start-up and conversion petitioners. Please see the process tab for the updated documents.

  • Gateway to College Academy will close on June 30, 2015. Parent and student inquiries regarding the transfer of student records and/or summer school enrollment may be addressed to Mrs. Gina Gavin or Dr. Derrick Tennial until June 30, 2015, at 678-891-3436. All inquiries made after the prior date should be made to the student's assigned school, or the DCSD Charter Office.



This is a newly formed school created by private individuals, private organizations, or state and local public entities. These schools are often in non-traditional public school settings.


Conversion Charter Schools

This is an existing public school that has converted from a traditional school to a charter school. These schools are housed in traditional public school facilities.

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