DeKalb County School District

Career Technology

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Career technology instructional programs exist in every high school and middle school. The variety of programs available provides unlimited opportunities for students to achieve academic and career success.

Students begin in middle school by participating in career explorations, and the courses are exploratory by design. Activities expose the student to a variety of careers and reinforce academic skills. Students rotate through programs every nine weeks and begin to develop understanding about career choices and goals.

Course Foundations

  • architecture
  • construction
  • communications & transportation
  • business & computer science
  • culinary arts
  • engineering & technology
  • family & consumer sciences
  • government & public safety
  • healthcare science
  • marketing, sales & service

These provide the foundation for students to develop the academic knowledge and work-related skills required to achieve their career goals. The courses are designed to meet the needs of students' individual career goals. The courses prepare students for specialized career courses, work-based learning activities, post-secondary technical colleges, or four-year college programs.

As students enter their junior and senior years, they may select courses that have specialized content designed to teach skills required to perform tasks for which they will receive certificates of achievement and mastery, or they may select advanced level courses for development of problem-solving skills. Students may select work-based programs and/or courses that allow on-the-job training, wages, or dual high school/college credit.

The current data indicates that the types of careers presently available are as follows:

  • professional, 20%
  • skilled, 60%
  • unskilled, 20%

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, many students are unaware of the trends and fail to gain the required skills for employment.