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Comprehensive Restructuring Plan

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The Comprehensive Restructuring Plan (CRP) has been approved by the opens in same window icon Board of Education [ ].

In spring 2008, the opens in same window icon Board of Education [ ] directed the opens in same window icon Superintendent [ ] to downsize or "right-size" the school district because of the large budgetary outlay allocated to staff salaries and benefits. Currently, 91% of DeKalb County School District's budget is allotted for benefits and salaries. In order to be more fiscally responsible, it is necessary that the school system reduce this percentage due to $93 million lost in earned state funding cuts since 2003.

To compound matters, an additional 2% state austerity reduction to public education was mandated by the state in September 2008. For DeKalb County Schools, this reduction totals $10.5 million. Because this reduction came after the passage of the fiscal year 2008–2009 budget and mileage rate adoption, it is compulsory that the school system reduce its benefit and salary budget allocation to approximately 87%.

On November 3, 2008, the Board of Education approved the Comprehensive Restructuring Plan (CRP) recommended by the Superintendent. The CRP includes two phases or levels and a total of sixteen elements that yield, at minimum, $25.7 million in savings. In Phase I of the plan (2008–2009 academic year), the elements include a reduction of 217 central office positions through hiring freeze vacancies; elimination of part-time and non-essential positions; staff restructuring; reallocation of positions from general to federal funds, and employees taking advantage of the Early Retirement Incentive Option.

Additionally, DeKalb County Schools will implement a modified Transportation Efficiency Plan: cut central office equipment, travel, and supplies budget; cut by 2% central office employees making $100,000 and above; rescind the $2.00 per student supplement to principals; and eliminate three programs.

In addition to the cost savings generated by the Comprehensive Restructuring Plan (CRP), the Board of Education voted on November 3, 2008 to rescind the step increase, which impacts 65% of the total staff for a cost savings of $7.5 million.

In planning for the 2009–2010 fiscal year, phase two of the Comprehensive Restructuring Plan (CRP) includes a one-day furlough on May 25, 2010 (during post planning) for all employees. This one-day furlough accounts for 0.5% of each employee's salary. Also included in the plan is outsourcing grounds keeping staff and a reduction in professional travel by 25%.

Though not listed as a cost savings, effective fiscal year 2009 and moving forward, employee attrition will be closely monitored and analyzed as a cost savings measure. Only those positions that are considered as an essential function for the effective operation of the school system will be replaced. Cost savings from attrition will be calculated on a quarterly basis.

CRP Summary Presentation

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