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Purchasing Department
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How to get on DeKalb County School System's Vendor Bid List
Board Policy on Bidding
Contact names and numbers for vendor questions
Bid Procedure (for Non-Construction bids)

I. How to get on DeKalb County School System's Vendor Bid List
A. Complete the vendor registration form online A letter will be mailed to the requesting vendor stating that their company has been added to the DCSS vendor list.
Vendors on the DeKalb County School System Bid List may not be mailed an invitation to bid every time a bid is issued. This is due to the large number of vendors listed in certain bid categories. In addition, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the mail service to you. All bids issued by the DeKalb County School System are advertised weekly in the legal section of the Champion News (404 373-7779). Vendors are advised to subscribe to and review the weekly "Advertisement of Bids," in the Champion News. You may call the Purchasing Office at 678-676-0007 to request information and bid specifications on any advertised bid. In addition, you will find a current list of bids on the DCSS web page at:

II. Board Policy on Bidding
According to the policy of the DeKalb County Board of Education, all purchases and contracts for goods and services which exceed $25,000 shall be awarded after public advertisement for bid in at least two issues of the official organ of DeKalb County and after a review of the sale proposals at a time and place specified in the advertisement. Some exceptions to this policy are items that are needed in case of an emergency, items that are considered to be only known source, and items on existing public agency contracts.

III. Bid Procedure (for Non-Construction bids)
A. Bids are advertised for a minimum of two consecutive weeks (see Section II).

B. Bid responses from vendors are normally due in the Purchasing Office by 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. Late bid responses will not be considered. Bid specifications will define exact times and dates.

C. The public opening and reading of vendor bid responses normally occurs beginning at 2:00 p.m. Wednesdays. Bid specifications will define exact times and dates.

D. Bid awards normally occur within one week of the public readings. Bids of a complex or technical nature may take longer to award.

E. The schedules above are subject to change due to holidays, unanticipated school closing, or other considerations.

F. For Construction Bids See IX.

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