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DeKalb Purchasing Department
Welcome to the DeKalb County School System Purchasing Department.. This site will provide general information on Purchasing procedures for all vendors.
The Purchasing Department operates under the Division of Finance and facilitates acquisitions for the entire DeKalb County School System.
The mission of DeKalb County School System's Purchasing Department is to ensure all purchases for the school system are based on equity, quality, price, and service.
All purchases, whether for single or multiple items, must be supported in advance by a hard copy purchase order or VISA credit card authorization.
We invite you to browse the DeKalb County School System's Purchasing webpage for answers to frequently asked questions, listing of current solicitations, and to request a solicitation document.
You may stop by the DeKalb County School System's Purchasing Office between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. Appointments are preferred, though not mandatory.
You may reach the DeKalb County School System's Purchasing Office by phone at 678-676-0007.

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