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Electronic Gradebook
Contact Person: IT Department

The Electronic Gradebook Project entails the use of two gradebook programs: Making the Grade, used in elementary schools, and SmartWeb Gradebook, used in secondary schools. Elementary schools are using Making the Grade for recording assignments, grades, and attendance. These schools presently use a CGI web-based program for entering final grades and conduct for report cards. Fourteen elementary schools are piloting a CGI web-based program for attendance. If all goes well, all 84 elementary schools will be using this program as well.
SmartWeb Gradebook is a versatile, web-based program that facilitates the recording and reporting of student progress in DeKalb County secondary schools and specified centers. Accessible through the Internet, SmartWeb is available to teachers, counselors and administrators at school and at home. In the future, DCSS hopes to tap into this programís capability that will allow parents and students to access student progress via the Internet.
For information, please contact the Instructional Technology Specialist assigned to your school.

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